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euroborder brings peace and prosperity
with millions of excellent new green jobs
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The 2012 London olympics represent a once in a lifetime
opportunity to build sustainable travel across the borders
of europe by rediscovering
local rail and sea travel which
sail directly to olympic venues at Weymouth and Poole.

euroborder is commissioned to bring peace
and prosperity with millions of excellent new
green jobs on the local cross border railways

Usually journey times are actually shorter especially when considering
that no time is wasted booking seats as local trains offer "turn up and go"
tickets at low prices.
London to Paris via Poole or Portsmouth is an
inspirational example of how local cross border services can enable
local business travellers to save money (compared to eurostar) and
arrive in Paris ready for business after a comfortable journey.
Supporting local public transport also saves money since the
London to Paris turn up and go service costs under €50 compared
to prices of over € 200 euros by eurostar. Of course many local
people have business or family nearer to Paris along the route:
London ~ Poole ~ Cherbourg ~ Bayeux ~ Caen ~ Rouen ~ Paris

Paris to Berne is another good example of our local
intercity business offer which also supports local railways for local
people along the route (
Paris ~ Troyes ~ Belfort ~ Delle ~ Bern).
No advance booking is needed and the journey time is quicker than
the TGV. Connection times will improve in 2012 when electrification
work on the Delle to Belfort section of the line is completed.

Euroborder is commissioned to achieve sustainable social and
economic development in the border regions of europe. Often these
regions have experience de-industrialisation because railway lines
connecting states together have been neglected by central governments
that could not clearly see the relevance of local rail services. Some of
the regions we work in have great unused potential with a history
of highly skilled industry but which is now underemployed.

The internal Irish border is an example of de-industrialisation
caused by railway line closures and there is excellent potential
to develop cross border services simiar to the "enterprise" train
which will create a milion new jobs in Ireland and boost the
economy for the benefit of all people in Ireland. Routes include
Donegal ~ Giants Causeway ~ Larne ~ Glasgow as well as
Donegal ~ Galway ~ Limerick ~ Cork ~ Roscoff ~ Plymouth

The excellent new jobs in Britain, Ireland and France will be in
all sectors as well as public transport including the merchant
marine, guesthouse, tourism, education and catering sectors.

Other examples are the border regions around the Czech republic.
Euroborder promotes tourism to regions of outstanding natural
beauty by combining local public transport services and creating
a through timetable enabling excellent intercity connections
through beautiful scenery such as the Munich to Cesky Krumlov
route which uses local trains and a bus and therefore supports
local public transport infrastructure for the benefit of everyone.

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Help euroborder bring peace and prosperity
with millions of excellent new green jobs


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from every european station.
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