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euroborder - WW I Museum
The Museum of World War One
(known in French as the Historial de la Grande Guerre)
is located
in the chateau at
Péronne, Somme.

Easy access by SNCF train and bus from Paris.
Travel information from DB and DFDS Seaways.
Paris ~ Tergnier ~ Chaulnes ~ Peronne-la-Chapelett
Station/Stop    Time   Products  
Paris Nord   dep 06:40   RE 47901  
Creil   dep 07:06  
Pont-Ste-Maxence   dep 07:16  
Compiegne   dep 07:30  
Noyon   dep 07:44  
Chauny(Tergnier)   dep 07:56  
Tergnier   arr 08:02  
Tergnier   dep 08:11   RE 48618  
Flavy-le-Martel   dep 08:19  
Ham(Somme)   dep 08:26  
Nesle(Somme)   dep 08:34  
Chaulnes(Tergnier)   arr 08:40  
Chaulnes(Tergnier)   dep 09:03   Bus  
Hyencourt-le-Grand   dep 09:10  
Marchelepot   dep 09:13  
Villers Carbonnel   dep 09:18  
Pont-les-Brie   dep 09:22  
Eterpigny   dep 09:24  
Peronne-la-Chapelett   arr 09:27

Campanile Hotel Peronne stars hotel stars hotel
Route De Paris Peronne FR-80200

The Campanile Hotel Peronne is situated near
the First World War museum.

This is a 24 minute bus ride from Chaulnes where
there is are connecting SNCF trains to Paris and Amiens.
Station/Stop    Time   Products  
Peronne-la-Chapelett   dep 12:34   Bus  
Eterpigny   dep 12:37  
Pont-les-Brie   dep 12:39  
Villers Carbonnel   dep 12:45  
Marchelepot   dep 12:50  
Hyencourt-le-Grand   dep 12:53  
Chaulnes(Tergnier)   arr 12:59  
Chaulnes(Tergnier)   dep 14:14   RE 48646  
Rosieres(Somme)   dep 14:21  
Villers Bretonneux   dep 14:31  
Amiens   arr 14:44  
Amiens   dep 14:59   RE 48578  
Longueau   dep 15:06  
St-Just-en-Chaussee   dep 15:32  
Clermont-de-l'Oise   dep 15:43  
Creil   dep 15:55  
Paris Nord   arr 16:20  

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