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euroborder - Paris
Paris ~ Delle ~ Berne
Paris ~ Belfort ~ Delle ~ Bienne ~ Bern
Station/Stop    Time   Products  
Paris Est   dep 13:09   D 1043
D 1043
Belfort Gare   arr 17:10  
Belfort Optymo   dep 17:29   Bus 3
Morvilars Gare   arr 17:56  
Morvilars Gare   dep 18:07   Bus 31
Delle Gare   arr 18:23  
Delle CFF   dep 18:33    
Delemont     19:18  
Delemont     19:20   RE 2988
RE 2988
Bienne   arr 19:48  
Bienne   dep 19:51   RE 1882
RE 1882
Berne   arr 20:18
Directly across the Jura in 7 hours 9 minutes.
Travel in first class for less than quarter price !
Great view from the famous viaduct at Saint Ursanne:

Approx fares 16 francs per person half fare to Delle
One Euro per person from Delle to Belfort optymo
€48 full fare to Paris from Belfort €24 half fare.

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