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"We shall remember them" ~ follow the liberators
U.S. amphibious forces riding up the Mindanao River, 1945

Onboard the Superferry 12 to Mindanao ~ 2010

Battle of Manila February 3 – March 3 1945 

Battle of Mindanao
10 March – 15 August 1945


  • March 18-June 23, 1945: Battle of Okinawa. 85,000+ US military casualties and losses, and 140,000+ to Japanese. Approximately one-fourth of the Okinawan civilian population died, often in mass suicides organized by the Imperial Japanese Army.
  • July 26: Potsdam Declaration is issued. Truman tells Japan, "Surrender or suffer prompt and utter destruction."
  • July 29: Japan rejects the Potsdam Declaration.
  • August 2: Potsdam conference ends.
  • August 6: An atomic bomb, "Little Boy" is dropped on Hiroshima.
  • August 9: USSR declares war on Japan, operation of August Storm, Another atomic bomb, "Fat Man" is dropped on Nagasaki.
  • August 15: Japan surrenders. Date is described as "V-J Day" or "V-P Day" and such in newspapers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. That evening, General Frank Merrill announced, today is "B Day"[9] the day on which peace talks would begin and occupation operations would be initiated.[10]
  • September 2: Official surrender ceremony; President Truman declares September 2 as the official "V-J Day".
  • November 1: Scheduled commencement of Operation Olympic, the allied invasion of Kyushu.
  • March 1, 1946: Scheduled commencement of Operation Coronet, the allied invasion of Honshu.

Post war:

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