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euroborder - Nove Udoli
Munich to Cesky Krumlov
Lindau ~ Munich ~ Passau ~ Nove Udoli ~ Cesky Krumlov 
Station/Stop    Time   Products  
Lindau   dep 08:41   RE 32733
Munchen Hbf   arr 11:41  
München Hbf   dep 12:24   RE 4276
Passau Hbf    arr 14:40  
Passau Hbf bus   dep 15:30   Bus 6122
Mühldorfer, Haidmühle   arr 17:05  
Mühldorfer, Haidmühle   dep 17:05  
Nove Udoli   arr 17:35  
Nove Udoli   dep 17:52   Os 18515
Cerny Kriz   arr 18:05  
Cerny Kriz   dep 18:14   Os 8114
Cesky Krumlov   arr 19:40
Directly across the Bayernwald in 7 hours 16 minutes.
50 minute break in Passau and 30 minute 2km walk.
Travel in first class for less than quarter price !
View of the lake Vodni Nadrz Lipno:

�doln� n�dr� Lipno, leteck� pohled 
Fares 10 euros per person travelling in a group
of five from any station in Bavaria (Bayernticket)
28€ German trains up to 5 people
2€ Czech trains from Nove Udoli to Krumlov

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