Bringing economic and social development to the borderlands.
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For World peace and no more wars.
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We are bridging borders and bringing the world together
sustainably with full social inclusion and achieve full employment. 
The theme of international co-operation and appreciation of Migrants and Refugees
is very important as we visit wartime battlefields on the same railway lines as were
used by the refuges and troops who fought for the freedom and liberation we enjoy
today. Indeed travelling to Europe on the same sea route from Portsmouth to Sword
beach truly brings history to life together with a visit to the landing museum at:
OUISTREHAM Calvados - 14 km north of Caen
I am happy that these ideas of self guided remembrance and study are not
entirely new. for example, also promotes this type of travel
but on bikes. The mission of 
euroborder for good to 
to bring the world together sustainably with full social inclusion.
Travel for all was never going to be possible if travel
depended on unsustainable and socially excluding technology like the motor car
or the jet aircraft. However: "With electric trains, brightmobiles, and sea links we have
developed the technology that enables everyone (and with another 3 billion expected
arrivals that means a total planetary population of 9 billion people) to enjoy international
travel and live comfortably on the planet earth." Other necessary developments include 
the worldwide adoption of a more healthy and vegetarian diet (mainly rice) and the
development of well insulated mobile homes so that people do not need to commute
to work and families can enjoy living where they need to be and take their home wit 
them at the weekend (for example a 20 km drive to the beach). Commercially we have
now got a product line that needs developing. Based on the humble road legal golf cart 
(with indicator lights, headlights and a towbar) we have an electric vehicle available for
under 5000 pounds (made from recycled golf carts) these can easily tow a small caravan
can be well insulated to keep a family warm while sleeping.
With a solar panel roof the 
caravan will charge the
batteries of the "brightmobile". Indeed the Swiss electric car
that travelled the world had a large trailer fitted with complete solar panel covering.
We welcome co-operation to develop this technology from firms
with experience in
 technology that enables living with solar electric
independent of the grid and manufacturing
camping and mobility equipment.

The idea of the trailer is to increase the volume of solar cells exposed to the sun:

Technical considerations:
The ratio of power generated to range
The weight efficiency of the trailer
The need for insuation to keep trailer warm

Trailers are in use, but we are developing one that will be small enough
to be towed by 
a golfcart but large enough to accommodate a family of six.

Of course accommodating a couple of two would enable a larger range and
more comfort so the same technology can have a variety of uses.

This is a picture of the type of trailer, a golfcart can tow this, there is no need
for a car or a 4x4 ! I have been "road testing" 
golfcarts like the new EZGO
with loads - they are used for towing yachts.
And can tow loads in al weather conditions...(
Click HERE)

We are working on our family business to bring the world together
in a sustainable way with international travel by rail and ship which
is much cheaper and causes no pollution or climate change so 
our way of travelling is the future wheras jet flying and petrol
car driving is the past. 
As time moves on we will greatly increase our income and pay more and more
tax to the UK government which is fair because the government
is supporting us now while we are growing our business.
President Obama in the United States, he has made the world a better place and
given us all hope. Unfortunately the republicans have won over
some more seats in the recent election because of the very high
unemployment in the USA. This unemployment can be solved by
giving people good jobs and we promote local travel by train and boat
which would provide 10 million jobs in the USA and give full employment.
The same in the Australia, with the new bright OZ rail we can create
millions of excellent new jobs in Australia, right next to our station trailer parks.
The railways enable people to travel far and with Bright Trailer Parks at the railway
stations there will be a trailer and brightmobile waiting for families arriving by train.
Therefore we have solved the global housing crisis.
Living in a trailer families will be able to be mobile and also avoid rip off landlords.
Rip off Landlords are a growing problem in every country of the world.
With governments under pressure to reduce costs and lower taxes, providing families
with land on which to park their trailers and plant trees is a good alternative to paying
rip off landlords that simply abuse the system by overcharging for sub standard housing.
Read about the presidents' trip to asia and support the
re election of President Obama and the Democrats.

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