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euroborder - Lochnagar Mine Crater
Follow the Liberators on your way to Paris.....

London to Paris by rail and ship via Dover ~ Calais
London ~ Dover ~ Calais ~ Albert ~ Paris

Lochnagar Mine Crater, La Boisselle, Albert, France
Lochnagar Mine Crater, La Boisselle, France
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Visiting the mine by train and ship from London and Dover
in the UK on your way to Paris, France......

Good local rail connections
mean that your journey will be comfortable and flexible.

The crater is a 2km walk or taxi ride from Albert station along
the Avenue de la Republique then the D 929 towords La Boisselle.

Ask at the Tourist Imformation about a Hotel
and local bus services and taxis to La Boiselle.

With the Local trains you can stop here on your way from

London to Paris by rail and ship via Dover ~ Calais:

London to Dover  and on to port

Dover ferry port to Calais

Calais Maritime shuttle to Calais ville SNCF

SNCF connections to Paris via Albert (no reservation neded)
 Station Time
Calais Ville SNCF   dep 14:41   RE 44858

Audruicq(L Fontinet)   dep 14:54  
Watten-Eperlecques   dep 15:02  
St-Omer   dep 15:09  
Hazebrouck   arr 15:20  
Hazebrouck   dep 15:41   RE 46460

Berguette-Isbergues   dep 15:51  
Lillers(Fouque)   dep 15:56  
Bethune   dep 16:06  
Noeux-les-Mines   dep 16:11  
Bully-Grenay   dep 16:16  
Lievin(Lens)   dep 16:21  
Lens(F)   dep 16:26  
Avion(Lens)   dep 16:30  
Vimy   dep 16:34  
Arras(F)   arr 16:42  
Arras(F)   dep 17:25   RE 43942

Boisleux(Arras)   dep 17:33  
Courcelles-le-Comte   dep 17:37  
Achiet   dep 17:42  
Miraumont(Arras)   dep 17:46  
Albert(Amiens)   arr 17:54

Staying at Hotels in Albert is a good idea
before travelling onwards to Amiens and Paris.

Station   Time   Trains  
Albert(Amiens)   dep 09:03   RE 43914
Corbie(Amiens)   dep 09:13  
Amiens   arr 09:23  
Amiens   dep 09:31   RE 48566
Longueau   dep 09:36  
Ailly-sur-Noye(Boves)   dep 09:47  
Breteuil-Embranchement   dep 09:58  
St-Just-en-Chaussee   dep 10:09  
Clermont-de-l'Oise   dep 10:19  
Liancourt-Rantigny   dep 10:26  
Laigneville   dep 10:31  
Creil   dep 10:37  
Chantilly-Gouvieux   dep 10:45  
Orry-la-Ville-Coye   dep 10:51  
Paris Nord   arr 11:14

The last train on to Paris:
Station    Time   Train  
Albert(Amiens)   dep 19:45   RE 48898  
Amiens   arr 20:10  
Amiens   dep 21:02   RE 48592  
Paris Nord   arr 22:29
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